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Lab request?

Hi there! I didn't see a rules page/FAQs about requesting, so I'll be glad to delete this if it is not allowed.

May I request of the zappers here if you can target zap for an Alien Aisha? I was zapping for Alien myself when a glitch took my lab away, so my options to get the pet became VERY limited. S/he (would prefer a male) would be a forever pet with me, and never see the pound again! It would be very much loved here!

I'm an artist and love drawing my pets, my Art gallery has LOTS of Neopets in it and on my main account, my Faerie Zafara got a Pet Spotlight! Actually, most of my pets have a Spotlight, just they haven't been picked!
I'd hope to have in the BC and AG as well! I also have a Robot Lupe, I can see the two of them being friends and myself happily drawing pictures of them playing Gormball! It's a very cute picture in my mind I've wanted to do for a while!

I've given my right arm for people here on Neopets, when someone zapped their Mutant Lupe green by accident, I rebought a Lupe Transmog for them as a stranger, I've given away Dargian, Disco Fever, Faerie pet brushes; cloud and island petpet brushes; when my friend was scammed once and lost her petpets to a "Turmy glitch", bent over backward to replace her White faelie/Island Anubis. I just feel rather alone in my quest to find an Alien for myself, as I can't buy a potion and I've lost my lab...

I can be reached both on MSN and AIM at Blueslight3@aol.com, let me know!

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